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Back again

A dat late but tizz ok, I had to toss my home scale out the door this weekend. I found that it was broken and was stuck at 260 lbs. I found this out by being weighed in at the Work harding clinic I am in right now with there test day. I weight 272 lbs on Wed JAN 3. I weighed myself on there scale again on friday Jan 12 , And found I lost 12 lbs in a week of doing a workout all day long at this new place. I talked to the people there to see if this was ok.... They told me if i feel good and now rundown or sick then my body is good with the lose.

I do feel good but sore from working out 5 days in a row from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. A lot of the stuff I do is easy for me but the few things that make me feel hurt is the bending and lifting workouts they gave me in my program. This is the part that needs work for me to get back to work.

This new Program is six weeks long. If I keep working hard and lose weight like this every week... Man I will be a different horse when its all done.

Doing good and ready to keep going in the new week. I will post again at the end of each week with weight.

-Fetlock The work horse!
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