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Ok hi. I'm Zero... Um, found this through a friend's lj and though meh, why not? Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I'm overweight. By a lot. By 60-70 pounds to be more precise. It's college weight, and I'm graduating next week, so it's time to put college and all of it's added poundage behind me. The size 14 jeans I had to buy in the fall are going in the trash. I'm currently studying to pass my CSCS exams, which stands for "Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist," and is a part of my athletic training (NOT PERSONAL TRAINING!!!!!!)degree. Essentially this means that I know quite a bit about working out and nutrition! (I just haven't chosen to apply it recently...) So yeah. In a week I will be putting together a workout plan and using to analyze my diet and caloric expenditures. It's an excellent source, and if you guys aren't already using it I suggest you try it out!

hm.... guess thats about it!


Hi, I'm new. It seems like this place has been dead for quite sometime but, what the heck, might as well give it a try.

I have been trying to lose weight since.... ever really. My mom has had me on diets galore since I was 7 (or maybe earlier). Ya it doesn't help that I'm adopted and all we know of my family is that all the females were 6 feet tall and about 300 each.

I am 5'7.5 and 226lb. As mentioned above I have tried a bunch of diets, nothing giving me any success. Recently I have been eating healthily (salads and water) with regular exercise. And for the past 8 months of doing so I've stayed at the steady weight of 226 (save for the month of December when I had a stomach flu and threw up everything I ate if I ate anything at all, and I ended up weighing in at 216).

So, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for me.

(And I was hoping to not have to resort to Alli or any crap like that.)

And mind you I'm not round so much as flabby and big boned...
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New Guy Ahead!

Hey all!

Name's Rob and I just joined this community!

My reason for that is in hopes that maybe joining a fitness community will help me in my quest for weight loss. I am, as expected, overweight, by a lot. At the moment I don't have much money to follow a very good diet (we have a lot of chicken and chef boyardee in the house now), nor go to a gym to work out there.

Fortunately, I live on a mountain neighborhood. My wife and I go for walks around the neighborhood and that's all up and down hills, all around.

At the moment I've lost about 13 pounds just walking and doing some crunches and sit-ups every day (xept for one, which is our rest day).

Unfortunately we've both been sick for the past few days and haven't done anything, and I took a nasty fall too which hurt my right leg pretty bad, but we're planning on starting again tomorrow, Monday, even if it's slow at first.

Anyway, thanks for having me and have a nice day!

If y'all have any hints, tips or suggestions, please lemme know! ^-^ Oh, and if you just wanna plain chat, my contact info shall be posted below!

AIM: RobbiePanda
YIM: rob_panda
ICQ: 13428316
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Yay! :D My weight has gone down to 82 kilos (180 lbs) as of this week! :D I started out at 97 kilos (213 lbs) over a year ago, and I want to get down to around to 60 kilos (132 lbs), so that's 22 left to go...But even if I get down to 65 kilos, I'll be happy. :) Gonna have a breast reduction too (sorry if that's TMI), which should take off another 3 or more kilos right there, and then when I'm down to my ideal weight (or as close as I can manage to get), I'll have a tummy reduction as well. My goal is not just to do this for better health, for lowering my risk of diabetes, and for making it easier for me to get around, but also to (hopefully) look halfway decent in a fursuit! :)

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holy crap

I went from a size 26 jeans to a size 20. Ive not been a size 20 in like 12yrs. I dont wear jeans in the summer, just stretchy shorts. I knew they were getting to big but WOW!!
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Hey all

New to the group here.

I'm kind of a big guy and trying to lose weight. Going to start taking martial arts and stuff, but looking for a group for some tips, advice and support.

Thanks everyone!!!
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weigh in

Im not really counting this as it was one of those 25 cent gas station scales. but it said I was 233lbs. Not really bad considering Ive not weighted since Tak went to work and I'm home alone most of the time. Last weigh in was the 2nd week of Sept. at 226lbs.