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I saw the dietitian yesterday, and we went through the usual questions, has my diet changed any in the past three months, and yes it has. I dont have crisps (potato chips) as much as I used too. In fact I think in the last 3 months I have had 3 of those little snack bags.

My daily routine is:
Breakfast: Two slices of wholegrain bread, light cream cheese, diet cola, and pot of yogurt.

Lunch: Turkeyham on wholegrain bread, light mayo, cup of soup, and a cup fruit juice, and sometimes an apple for a snack.

Dinner: Varies, usually skinless, boneless chicken, oven chips (fries) and an apple for snack, sometimes have mac and cheese with sausages,

Weight: Sept 9th, 144kg/317lbs, however as of yesterday I weighed 142kg/313lbs.

The Dietitian was well impressed with the changes in my eating habits. She only suggested that I do more walking. There was some talk of putting me on a tablet which I cant remember what it is called, but it limits the amount fat that is absorbed by the body. I want to see how well I do without the tablets first, because I am enough of them as it is with my diabetes, depression, high-blood pressure and such.
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