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New Guy Ahead!

Hey all!

Name's Rob and I just joined this community!

My reason for that is in hopes that maybe joining a fitness community will help me in my quest for weight loss. I am, as expected, overweight, by a lot. At the moment I don't have much money to follow a very good diet (we have a lot of chicken and chef boyardee in the house now), nor go to a gym to work out there.

Fortunately, I live on a mountain neighborhood. My wife and I go for walks around the neighborhood and that's all up and down hills, all around.

At the moment I've lost about 13 pounds just walking and doing some crunches and sit-ups every day (xept for one, which is our rest day).

Unfortunately we've both been sick for the past few days and haven't done anything, and I took a nasty fall too which hurt my right leg pretty bad, but we're planning on starting again tomorrow, Monday, even if it's slow at first.

Anyway, thanks for having me and have a nice day!

If y'all have any hints, tips or suggestions, please lemme know! ^-^ Oh, and if you just wanna plain chat, my contact info shall be posted below!

AIM: RobbiePanda
YIM: rob_panda
ICQ: 13428316
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